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Diagnostic Care

When your pet is sick or otherwise unwell, identifying the problem is the first step. Our expert vets will help diagnose the problem using a combination of expertise and modern technology, then advise on the next steps to get your pet back to health as soon as possible.

Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory is one of the most significant benefits of bringing your pet to Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital. By conducting our laboratory analysis in-house, we cut down on the time it takes to receive lab results dramatically. This allows us to provide faster results for our critically ill patients in the event that we cannot wait for samples to be sent and analyzed at our third-party location.

Here at Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital, our laboratory is capable of conducting a range of tests and providing results to you in a timely manner. Common tests conducted in our lab include:

  • Complete blood count, which can help identify health concerns such as blood clotting or infection
  • Thyroid tests, which can detect thyroid disorders and other imbalances
  • Blood chemistry panel, which helps identify issues in specific organs such as the pancreas, liver, or kidneys
  • Urinalysis, which analyzes your pet’s urine and can provide us with indicators  of diseases such as diabetes or kidney disease


Like x-rays, ultrasounds are another method we use to look inside your pet’s body without the use of surgery. Whereas x-ray scans provide a static image, ultrasounds allow us to look at a live video-style feed of your pet’s body. This lets us watch their bodily processes in action— and identify potential issues as we do. At Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital, we have partnered with a board-certified radiologist who completes the ultrasounds in-house.

Ultrasounds are best for assessing soft tissues, heart and lung function, and other fluid-filled structures in the pet’s body. Ultrasounds are painless, non-invasive, and don’t require sedation. In some cases, we may need to shave a small part of your pet’s fur in order for the ultrasound probe to create a clear image.


Also known as digital radiology, x-rays are a commonly used tool in the world of veterinary health to see inside your pet’s body and identify potential problems and their causes. Digital radiology sends special light waves through your pet, which then bounce back off the surfaces inside your pet’s body and provide a picture that we couldn’t otherwise see. It’s just like the x-ray technology used in humans, and results in such a negligible amount of radiation that it’s completely safe.

X-rays can be used to diagnose a range of potential health problems in pets, including heart disease, pulmonary disease, pericardial disease, foreign bodies lodged in the pet’s body, bone fractures, and more. 

The best part of x-ray imaging is that it’s a noninvasive, non-surgical way to determine what’s going on inside your pet’s body so that we can prescribe a path forward.

Allergies & Dermatology

Allergies and dermatological conditions are no small matter when it comes to your pet’s overall health and happiness. Imagine if you ran through bushes, grass, flowers, pollen, and dirt & dust on a daily basis without the protection of clothing. Animals are exposed to a wide range of potential irritants, and they can have genetic predispositions to allergies just like we can.

The first step in helping treat allergies or dermatological conditions is diagnosis, which may be helped through the use of physical exams, lab tests, biopsies, skin scrapings, and/or allergy testing.

The next step is treatment, which may involve prescription medication, topical creams, changes to behavior or at-home care, and more. We’ll work with you to help understand exactly what is causing these allergies or skin conditions and help put your pet on the path to restored comfort and happiness.

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