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New Clients Welcomed At Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital

Are you considering joining the Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital family as a new client? We would love to learn more about you and your pet(s), and have the chance to share why we think Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital is the best place for you and your best friend.

Welcome to Our Hospital!

Whether you’ve recently adopted a new pet, are new to the Cainhoy area, or are just looking to improve the experience and level of care you get out of your veterinarian, we’re happy to hear from you.

Choosing the right vet for you and your pet is no small matter. There are few relationships that are more special than the one between an owner and their pet, and we recognize the important role that we play as the medical care provider for your pet - and a source of information, guidance, and support for you as an owner.

Wondering what you can expect when you become a new client at Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital? Here are some of the values that we prize most at our still-new practice.

  • Focus on compassionate care - Veterinary care is much more than our business. It’s our passion. Our clients aren’t customers, they’re partners. We see our role as a vital piece in your mission to provide your pet with the happiest, healthiest life possible - and we take that role very seriously. We want to not only make your pets healthier, we want to keep them comfortable and stress-free along the way.
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities - Our diagnostic services are second to none, thanks to both our deeply experienced team and the modern diagnostic technology and in-house laboratory we have at our facility
  • Convenience and service - From our convenient location in Cainhoy to our friendly, highly communicative staff, we strive to ensure that every interaction, visit, and purchase of prescriptions or supplies at Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital is stress-free and convenient.
  • Communication - Veterinary health can be complex, but we want to make every effort to ensure that our clients are informed on everything we do as it relates to their pets, as well as how owners can help at home. We’re always happy to answer questions, explain medical procedures or recommended treatment plans, and generally be available to our clients whenever they want to learn more about giving their pets the best possible lives.

Join the Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital Family Today!

Located in Point Hope Commons off of Clements Ferry Road.

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