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Pain Management

No owner wants to see their pet go through pain, whether it’s acute or ongoing and chronic. That’s why we make pain management a central aspect of our veterinary care approach at Cainhoy Veterinary Hospital. Learn more about our approach to acute and chronic pain management.

Acute Pain Management

Acute pain refers to pain that’s short-term and generally particularly sharp and painful. It can be the result of injuries or wounds, surgical procedure recovery, or other causes. For our pets, it can be particularly intense.

Acute pain management can sometimes start with prevention. For example, we take an approach to surgical procedures designed to minimize pain and recovery time while ensuring that you’re equipped with all the pain management tools and prescriptions necessary to make recovery as comfortable as possible.

In other cases, such as pain resulting from wounds or injuries, we’ll discuss a pain management plan with you that you’ll feel comfortable with and that will help reduce the pain your pet experiences as they recover.

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain often comes as a result of ongoing conditions. For example, arthritis can cause chronic pain in the joints, while certain cancers can cause chronic pain depending on where they occur and how severe they are. In addition to trying to treat the root causes of chronic pain, we’ll also work carefully to identify how we can reduce your pet’s pain resulting from these chronic conditions.

We’ll also help address the emotional distress that can be caused in pets experiencing chronic pain. We want your pet to be both healthy and happy, so we take chronic pain extremely seriously - even when the underlying cause isn’t life-threatening or severely detrimental to overall physical health.

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